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September 26, 2014


Rob @ 3:44 PM

Cast photo, from @NightmareNYC

Cast photo, from @NightmareNYC

Last week our Kickstarter funded! I'm totally grateful for everyone's support, and for tolerating me constantly shilling the campaign for a month. We're excited to get to work on our biggest season ever, and things are already cooking behind the scenes!

Tonight is opening night of Nightmare: New York, a long-running, fantastically elaborate haunted house which pops up around this time every year. This time around, in the house's 11th year, I'm acting in it! I'm extremely excited to have joined the production. My castmates are awesome, the crew are great, and director John Harlacher (whom you might know from his constant presence at HOPE and/or his underground film Urchin) is wonderful to work with.

I joined the new hip social-networky jazz over at Ello, you can find me riiiight about here. It's in beta and invite-only, get in touch if you'd like one of my invites. As of this writing, I've got plenty to go around.

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