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March 15, 2015

A call for help

Rob @ 2:35 AM

It's been a while!

Since I last wrote here I have succeeded at some things, failed at others, and am still plugging away at yet others. On the creative side things have been going well, with multiple projects chugging along nicely, but this post isn't about that. Right now I've a more pressing issue, and that is my search for a full-time job.

I began my current job search over a year ago, soon after parting ways with MakerBot in late 2013, and the clock is still ticking. Though I'm scraping together a certain amount of freelance work, it's just not paying the bills. I need to once again set my sights outward, and find a solid position with an organization where I can use my talents as part of a team to do something good.

I'm not abandoning the creative work and side-projects you may know me for; those have always been very important to me and will continue to be so. However, I've always been happiest when I could balance out my own original work with a steady gig in a professional environment in collaboration with others, giving my best to both sides in different ways and making the most of each. I crave that equilibrium.

There are a great many things at which I know I'm damn good. My job history is a bit of a mishmash, I've had the pleasure of doing a variety of different things for a living over the course of my life; this has left me with an eclectic professional life which is seen by some as a hindrance, but I prefer to think of it as a strength. I adapt to what's in front of me. I learn new things. I've proven my ability to do so time and again, and I've grown in each experience.

Over the years I've found my professional self working on many different things, in many different contexts. My resume isn't a single document; it's something I've had to break down into a handful of specialized remixes for prospective employers in different fields. I haven't taken such a loopy road due to boredom, flakiness, or inability to stick with something; each one of these varied gigs was something I devoted a significant amount of my life seeing through to wherever it took me. Each got my full attention, and each got everything I had to give it. Some of them are even things I'm still doing. I want to do more. Importantly, I want to find somewhere I can work for the long haul. I want to find a workplace as good a fit for me as I am for it.

This post is not a cover-letter or an achievement-unlocked board, though. What I need most to write here is more important than that; it is a call for help.

Though I've long believed in the value of playing certain cards close to my chest ever since this whole weird personal-online-presence deal evolved, it's time for me to choke back a little pride and admit that after banging away on a constant job search for such a long stretch of time, after following more leads and going through more interviews than I can count, after getting to a point where the job ads all start running together at the edges, I could use some help.

The people I've connected with over the years, in work and in play, online and off, are the brightest, greatest, and most brilliant bunch of diverse folks anyone could ask to have in their life, and I'm honored by them all. If you're reading this, that probably includes you. You know me, either through real life, online connection, or happening upon my work, and you therefore know about at least some of what I can do. I'm asking you to take this look at where I am in my hour of need, and see if there's a way you could give me a hand in finding my way past where I am. Any weird way you think you might help is of value! For example, my friend Nick Farr just started the hashtag #GetRobAJob over on Twitter for my job search, and it's already been taken up by a few others helping to spread the word. I'm deeply touched by that show of support, and it gave me the final boost I needed to write this post.

I'm not asking to be handed a job. (Though, if you've got one lying around...) I'm certainly not asking for any sort of handout or charity. I'm asking for your help cutting through the incredible amount of noise and static out there and getting where I need to be; it's well-known that job-hunting is a more deeply-draining task the longer you do it, and it becomes steadily more difficult to find a way out every day. It's the curse of a job-search that the only way to really know whether you're doing it right is for it to lead to a state of events where can stop doing it. So, if you have or know of a listing that you think might fit me, I ask that you let me know about it so I can apply! If someone you know needs help you think I can give, point them my way! If you or someone you know might have some valuable advice or assistance for me, I'd love to hear it! If you can't help me specifically land a gig but you're good with resumes in general, I'd love your advice on how I might tweak my own! If you have recently been on a grueling job-hunt of your own and would like to share your insights on what worked for you, let's compare notes! If you can repost, retweet, or otherwise help me spread the word to what might be that recipient who ends up hiring me, hit that button! If you can help me and my next full-time pursuit find one another in any way, shape, or form, please do get in touch!

When it comes to a job search, my vital statistics are as follows:

  • I live in New York City, and I wish to remain here.
  • I'm great at dealing with humans, hardware, multimedia, and the various interactions among and between them.
  • I am a lifelong autodidact with a strong ability to acquire and develop skills as-needed.
  • I am, if I do say so myself, creative and artistic as all heck. If that's of value to you as an employer, great! If not, never fear; I do enough creative work outside of what I'd be doing for you that the stereotypical drawbacks of hiring an artist into a non-artsy field are not a concern. Still, you might be pleasantly surprised at how a developed sense of creativity can apply to any gig in subtle, useful ways.
  • I'm a 3D-printing expert. 3D-printing is, in the general sphere of things, still a wacky geek toy from the future which amusingly befuddles TV personalities, but if you are among the growing ranks of those with real interest in the field I'd be happy to help.
  • I've a constantly-updated headful of what's going on in the intersecting fields of society and technology, and how it applies to all I do.
  • I'm always a professional representative of my employers and colleagues, on and off the clock.
  • I'm not afraid of being challenged. I'm afraid of not being challenged.

I have online resumes, for those who like online resumes. I have a LinkedIn profile, for those who like online resumes in a social-networking-flavored environment. Most importantly, I have a lot to give an employer.

Get in touch.

EDIT: I've followed this up with a post about specific types of work I've done, in a more human-readable format than a resume.

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