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May 29, 2015

I’m painting hacker luminaries. Want one?

Rob @ 9:14 AM

Commodore PET

It's fundraising time at WBAI, the listener-sponsored station my colleagues and I do Off the Hook at. This week, I committed to paint some portraits of hacker luminaries as thank-you gifts for supporters.

You can listen to the 5/27/15 episode for more info. Short version: pledge at least $50 and you'll get a 5x7" acrylic-on-stretched-canvas painting of someone who made an impact on the hacker world as it is today; whose portrait you get will be a surprise. You'll also get a classy placard explaining more about the painting's subject.

I donated a limited amount of these. As of this writing there are some still available but once they're gone they're gone, so if you'd like to get some hacker-centric original art from me while supporting the work we do on OTH, this is how you can do it. (It's also, since I'm not accepting general commissions or selling other paintings just now, the only way presently that you can even get a painting of mine.)

You can pledge for a painting, if there are any left, at this link. You can alternately call 1-212-209-2950 and ask for the "Luminaries of the Hacker World painting."

You can check out past paintings and other artwork of mine riiight about here.

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