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August 14, 2015


Rob @ 1:24 AM

Things have been a bit of a whirlwind.

After a lengthy search for a new place to live, I found it six weeks ago in Washington Heights. I'm in a lovely place with charming roommates in a very decent neighborhood. It's amazing how much less stress one is under when one is not a wandering homeless person crashing on couches and depending on the hospitality extended by very tolerant friends. After a month and a half, much of which I spent away from the apartment housesitting for some folks in arrangements I'd made before I moved here, my new place is finally feeling like home.

My stint at Hackaday has concluded for now and I'm seeking other opportunities, so ping me if you hear anything! I'm also going to begin listing original artwork for sale and open myself up to taking commissions soon, stay tuned for those details!

The new season of The Media Show we made over the past year, where we answer questions people are asking Google, is slowly going out over the netwaves. It's been long enough since production wrapped where I now find myself being surprised and entertained by stuff I'd forgotten we did, and even some cameos I'd forgotten I performed, now that I look on the end product with slightly more relaxed eyes.

For the past few weeks I've taken the stage at my friends Liz Glazer and Rhett Sever's Say Everything comedy showcase. The show is a unique standup event where comics more or less abandon their prepared material and just have a freeform chat with the hosts as well as the crowd. It happens 7PM Thursday evenings at Paddy Reilly's Music Bar in Manhattan, and you should check it out if you're free and in the area. (Yes, this is me, your lifelong teetotal pal, encouraging you to come see me at the bar I've been hanging out in once a week. Pretty zany, huh?) The folks in the show are an eclectic and hilarious bunch worth seeing; before I was invited to join the show, I was a regular in the audience. I've posted audio of my past couple of sets to my Soundcloud.

Off the Hook continues to be a great deal of fun and a labor of love, I'm proud to call those folks my colleagues and friends.

I've recently begun replacing the word "girl" in songs I find myself singing to "Earl," and it's entertaining me to no end. I don't think I even know anyone called Earl these days, but if I do it's about to get awkward.

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