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September 23, 2016

Popping up here and there

Rob @ 6:52 AM

Izzy selfie
Have you seen the delightfully crazypants webseries Callie & Izzy yet? It's about a woman with a sentient puppet growing out of her hand, by and starring my longtime friend and collaborator Nicola Rose. I do sound engineering and voiceovers for it, and our second season is going to premiere online October 6. If you're here in NYC you can hang with cast and crew and see it all ahead of time at our premiere party in two days, Sunday, September 25. RSVP if coming!

In any case, you should probably subscribe and binge on the first season of Callie & Izzy here, and check out the Season 2 trailer here.

On Saturday, October 1 I'll be emceeing at the New York City Pagan Pride event in Washington Square Park. I'll also be vending a little bit of my artwork.

Sunday, October 2 I'll be joining my Off the Hook colleagues at the 2600 van as we hang out and vend at Maker Faire New York at the New York Hall of Science.

On Monday, October 3 I'll likely be recovering from getting more sun than I'm usually okay with.

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