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April 23, 2018


Rob @ 11:10 PM

Yesterday, Epic Fiancee Gila and I had a day of cultural intake; we saw a performance of Mozart's Requiem at Carnegie Hall, followed by the film Blockers. Both were quite fulfilling experiences, in different ways.

Today, we're excited to announce an impending happening. When we got engaged in January (by the way, folks, OMG we got engaged in January!) we were thinking we'd take our time with setting a wedding date, perhaps take the official leap in another year or two. However, upon full consideration of all the factors as well as our hopes and feelings, we came to the conclusion that we'd really rather just go ahead and Do This Thing. So, rather than the large-ish local wedding in a year or two we were initially planning, we are going to have the actual wedding at a small family-only ceremony upstate where Gila's folks live in about six weeks. We'll punt the big local celebration to sometime after we get back, perhaps closer to our original timeframe.

(No, no shotguns are involved in this decision. Get your minds out of that particular gutter, and back into the regular gutters in which they belong.)

We went to the NYC County Clerk's office today to get the paperwork sorted out for our marriage license. The Marriage Bureau is like a weird alternate-universe Department of Motor Vehicles where everyone's happy to be there. However, their public-use kiosks are running Windows XP Professional so that was a little saddening. The rest of it went very well, though, and I'm terribly excited.

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