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I'm available for a very limited amount of freelance work and artistic commissions. I may be able to fulfill almost any category of creative commission for which you might want me. Art, design, building, writing, audio, performing, other creative work (presently non-union); you name it, I may be able to do it for you.

Before we go any further, there is one thing I require of all my prospective clients. I need you to check out the Vendor Client Video. It's a little more than two minutes long, but contains a wealth of information about how these things tend to work from one end of the equation. Frankly, I would feel much better about possibly entering into a business relationship with you once you've seen it.

Go on, this page will still be here when you've finished. The Vendor Client Video.

...Right, now that you've seen that, are you still interested in securing my services? If so, great! Get in touch!

I'm always happy to answer questions about what I can do for you. In addition to telecommuting, I can typically commute throughout New York City, Long Island, and much of the surrounding areas on a limited basis. Any and all work is subject to my availability and interest in the project, but there is never any harm in asking.