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April 23, 2018


Rob @ 11:10 PM

Yesterday, Epic Fiancee Gila and I had a day of cultural intake; we saw a performance of Mozart's Requiem at Carnegie Hall, followed by the film Blockers. Both were quite fulfilling experiences, in different ways.

Today, we're excited to announce an impending happening. When we got engaged in January (by the way, folks, OMG we got engaged in January!) we were thinking we'd take our time with setting a wedding date, perhaps take the official leap in another year or two. However, upon full consideration of all the factors as well as our hopes and feelings, we came to the conclusion that we'd really rather just go ahead and Do This Thing. So, rather than the large-ish local wedding in a year or two we were initially planning, we are going to have the actual wedding at a small family-only ceremony upstate where Gila's folks live in about six weeks. We'll punt the big local celebration to sometime after we get back, perhaps closer to our original timeframe.

(No, no shotguns are involved in this decision. Get your minds out of that particular gutter, and back into the regular gutters in which they belong.)

We went to the NYC County Clerk's office today to get the paperwork sorted out for our marriage license. The Marriage Bureau is like a weird alternate-universe Department of Motor Vehicles where everyone's happy to be there. However, their public-use kiosks are running Windows XP Professional so that was a little saddening. The rest of it went very well, though, and I'm terribly excited.

March 7, 2017

Greetings from Queens!

Rob @ 11:04 PM

A brief update on my whereabouts:

Last month, after over a year of Epic Girlfriend Gila and I dating, we decided to finally officially live together in the same place with one another. I made the move from Washington Heights, Manhattan, where I'd spent a nice year and a half, to lovely Forest Hills, Queens.

Epic Domestic Partner Gila and I are having a lovely time. We wish some of you were here!

On the flipside, my day gig at Shapeways and my regular news-radio gig at OTH continue nicely. Also on the horizon is a secret podcast project which is a secret, so pretend I didn't mention it just yet...

September 23, 2016

Popping up here and there

Rob @ 6:52 AM

Izzy selfie
Have you seen the delightfully crazypants webseries Callie & Izzy yet? It's about a woman with a sentient puppet growing out of her hand, by and starring my longtime friend and collaborator Nicola Rose. I do sound engineering and voiceovers for it, and our second season is going to premiere online October 6. If you're here in NYC you can hang with cast and crew and see it all ahead of time at our premiere party in two days, Sunday, September 25. RSVP if coming!

In any case, you should probably subscribe and binge on the first season of Callie & Izzy here, and check out the Season 2 trailer here.

On Saturday, October 1 I'll be emceeing at the New York City Pagan Pride event in Washington Square Park. I'll also be vending a little bit of my artwork.

Sunday, October 2 I'll be joining my Off the Hook colleagues at the 2600 van as we hang out and vend at Maker Faire New York at the New York Hall of Science.

On Monday, October 3 I'll likely be recovering from getting more sun than I'm usually okay with.

June 9, 2016

“Off the Hook” wants your music!

Rob @ 10:30 PM

Delia Derbyshire

Hey, musicians!

Among my duties on WBAI Radio's hacker talk show Off the Hook is that of curating the musical outros we play at the end of our program. Since I take particular glee in playing tracks which wouldn't normally be heard on FM radio (including - but not limited to - independent stuff, offbeat remixes, hobbyists' tracks, experimental cover songs, mashups, chiptunes, parodies, and especially nerdy things) that means I'm always digging for new stuff to introduce to our listeners.

So, I'm putting out this call; I know I've some musically-talented pals out there. If you have one or more tracks which might be cool for us to consider for use on the show, get in touch! Hacker, tech, and/or activism-focused themes are very cool, but not entirely necessary; I just like playing all sorts of cool stuff which, for whatever reason, needs more ears pointed its way.

Please note:

  • Tracks must be around three and a half minutes long at minimum, optimally around four or five minutes long. Part of the purpose of an outro is to keep our station's airwaves going while our show leaves the studio and the next show's staff (usually our friends at The Personal Computer Show) set up and get ready to start their broadcast; if the track is too short, it won't work for the purpose. If the track is very long, a shorter excerpt may be used. Multiple shorter tracks might be combined into a medley of suitable length.
  • Work of all genres, lyrics of all languages, etc. will be considered.
  • Tracks must be "radio-safe" in terms of language. As the station which found itself bitten in the famous "Filthy Words" FCC case, WBAI has no desire to pay further overzealous fines into the Federal Swear Jar. I do pro-grade audio production and can censor tracks myself as necessary, though if you've a sweary track you've already made your own "clean" version of that would of course be cool. Swears in languages other than English still count as swears for broadcast purposes.
  • By submitting your own work, you acknowledge that if we decide to use it it'll be broadcast on non-commercial FM radio, streamed online, and will forever appear as part of that episode's freely-available MP3 in our own podcast feeds, download archives, torrents, etc. and will probably spread further than that; we've always been supportive of third parties freely mirroring, rebroadcasting, and otherwise republishing our program.
  • If we use your submission I'll keep you posted as to when you can expect it to play and, after the show, send you the link to the episode's archive MP3.

You can contact me via email with this form, or directly email rob at this site's domain. Pointers to where I can download your music files are preferable over file attachments.

If you are not yourself a musician, but know of something I should check out and consider, I'd love to hear of that too.


August 21, 2015

1950s TV comedian Jerry Lester…

Rob @ 8:38 PM


...hopes you are having an entirely lovely and non-threatening week.

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