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December 31, 2018

A new start

Rob @ 3:26 PM

Hello again, world!

After building up a mighty blogging footprint reaching back to 2002(!), I've decided to pull down all the old posts and give myself a fresh start. They've been archived of course, and I'm keeping copies safe in all the places and fashions I stash personal data which might be interesting or useful to look back upon someday, but it just isn't stuff I feel needs to stick around on my chunk of the open web anymore. I may talk more about that in the future sometime, but in short I felt the need to lighten my digital load, leave behind some things I no longer need, and see what bright things the future has to offer.

I put this blog on the back burner over the last chunk of my life, but I feel it's time to freshen things up around here with a new start. In an era where Web users in general, myself sadly included, more or less left the once-thriving blogosphere behind in favor of social media services outside our own control, I really think we can all stand to take some things back to fully self-administrated venues like this little blog.

I'll post some personal updates over the next post or three.

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  1. RBCP says:

    ANUSTART! I for one look forward to hearing from Rob 2.0

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