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Rob T Firefly: light drinker
Thank you so much for your interest in supporting my forays into various creative media!

The most helpful thing you can do to support my creative endeavors is to spread the word. Reblogs, shares, remixes, and so on (with appropriate credit, of course) are the lifeblood of any modern Internet-based artist.

If you'd like to get in touch to comment on work of mine, please feel free!

If you're into taking your support a step further, read on.

If you're into buying stuff from me, there are sometimes ways of doing that.

  • I'm always open to a certain amount of commissioned work. If you would like me to draw, paint, record, sculpt, design, build, film, perform, or otherwise create something for you, please get in touch! Don't be shy, I'm never too busy to chat about commissions.
  • See what original arts and crafts I'm selling just now over on Etsy, or just favorite my shop there and be informed when I post more things (which will happen someday).

If you're into just throwing a bit of one-sided support my way I can, at present, accept tips in a couple of ways.