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Doctor Who Facts!

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Doctor Who Facts! (also known as WHOFAX) is a popular comedy project I write and illustrate over on Twitter and Tumblr. It's a feed of satirical comedy "facts" about Doctor Who, my longtime favorite scifi TV franchise, and its cast, crew, history, culture, fandom and more. Nothing and no one in the Whoniverse is safe from being lied about by WHOFAX!

It started back in 2010 as a little Twitter joke I shared with a few friends in fandom, and I focused mainly on cracking them up. Pretty soon, it began to get noticed and followed by others. It gathered momentum and eventually became well-known among online fans, with mentions in forums, fan media, and even the official Doctor Who Magazine. It's gotten kudos from fans, journalists, and even Doctor Who cast and crew members who've been wonderfully good sports about it.

Nowadays it's got over 21,000 readers, hundreds of retweets, reblogs, and shares, it's gone from being solely text-based to illustrated, and it all just gets more fun to do the longer I do it.

Podcasters! Fanzine writers! I'd love to chat with you about this project sometime, please feel free to get in touch!

Here's a look at the most recent @WHOFAX tweets. For a differently-explorable look at the WHOFAX archives, check out the WHOFAX Tumblr where everything is tagged and categorized.

Due to an Eventbrite glitch, all tickets to the New York leg of #DWWorldTour were instantly sold to a Central Park carriage horse named Pip. 1 week ago

For a limited time, "Minuet in Hell" is on sale for only one British pound note which has been unconvincingly disguised as a US dollar bill. 4 weeks ago

#DOCTORWHO SPOILER INFO: The Doctor knows that stirring vinegar into milk will spoil it instantly. That's why he doesn't do that. 1 month ago

The BBC apologises to parents for "but the Doctor wears HIS" no longer being a valid way to convince disagreeable boys to put on their ties. 2 months ago

When Peter Capaldi is in costume, saying "no ties are cool" within earshot of him gets any BBC employee instantly demoted to latrine duty. 2 months ago

Tom Baker's famous "Revenge of the Cybermen" line was "HARRY SULLIVAN IS A WINDOWSILL!" but his "IMBECILE" blooper was accidentally kept in. 2 months ago

The @WHOFAX book didn't fund, but it's not dead... just quietly regenerating.… 2 months ago

The printing order for the new @BigFinish Fifth Doctor box set's CD booklets has caused a countrywide shortage of beige ink. #DoctorWho 2 months ago

The War Doctor reveal was no surprise to Eccleston; he'd been told to play the 9th Doctor like "a bloke who's been Hurt before." #DoctorWho 3 months ago

RTD nearly chokes on his breakfast, and we get a #DoctorWho logo.… Get the WHOFAX book! 3 months ago

The story behind the 2005 #DoctorWho logo, excerpted from @WHOFAX's book.… Get your copy at ! 3 months ago

Peter @Anghelides and @PaulMagrs have weekly meetings during which they slowly and deliberately pronounce each other's surname. #DoctorWho 3 months ago

Please keep up your support for -- Share it with your favourite #DoctorWho & #SciFi podcasts, news sites, etc.! 3 months ago

A fascinating fact about the latest #DoctorWho trailer. -- Support the @WHOFAX Kickstarter!

3 months ago

Eoin Colfer is stapling blank pages into his copy of @OldRoberts953's "Shada" novel so he can write in another chapter. #DoctorWho #TowelDay 3 months ago

Ian Marter could fit a full mug of hot tea inside an identical mug of even hotter tea, but he refused to tell anyone how it was done. 3 months ago

Another illustrated #DoctorWho fact from the archives. #StevenMoffat

3 months ago

12TH DOCTOR FILMING INFO: Peter Capaldi lets his porridge cool until that skin forms over the top. #DoctorWho 3 months ago