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Doctor Who Facts! (also known as WHOFAX) is a popular comedy project I write and illustrate over on Twitter and Tumblr. It's a feed of satirical comedy "facts" about Doctor Who, my longtime favorite scifi TV franchise, and its cast, crew, history, culture, fandom and more. Nothing and no one in the Whoniverse is safe from being lied about by WHOFAX!

It started back in 2010 as a little Twitter joke I shared with a few friends in fandom, and I focused mainly on cracking them up. Pretty soon, it began to get noticed and followed by others. It gathered momentum and eventually became well-known among online fans, with mentions in forums, fan media, and even the official Doctor Who Magazine. It's gotten kudos from fans, journalists, and even Doctor Who cast and crew members who've been wonderfully good sports about it.

Nowadays it's got over 21,000 readers, hundreds of retweets, reblogs, and shares, it's gone from being solely text-based to illustrated, and it all just gets more fun to do the longer I do it.

Podcasters! Fanzine writers! I'd love to chat with you about this project sometime, please feel free to get in touch!

Here's a look at the most recent @WHOFAX tweets. For a differently-explorable look at the WHOFAX archives, check out the WHOFAX Tumblr where everything is tagged and categorized.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is real, or you can live as if John Barrowman is real. #DoctorWho @Team_Barrowman 5 months ago

One day Totter is going to notice what all these time-travelling jerks have been doing on his Lane for decades, and won't like it one bit. 6 months ago

For the Tenth Doctor audios, @BigFinish's team are adjusting to a new state of affairs: having over six cast photos available for cover art. 6 months ago

Time Lord users of Twitter disapprove of the "favorite" icon now being a heart, as they always feel compelled to click it twice. #DoctorWho 7 months ago

John Hurt has legally changed his middle name to "Ain't Even." #DoctorWho @WithJohnHurt 7 months ago

Twitter Media

Time Lords never celebrate #FollowFriday on actual Friday. [Hello, distinguished fellow #DoctorWho spoofs @matrixdatabank & @RatherAwfulDW] 8 months ago

Select #DoctorWho Game Maker levels will be novelised in the upcoming anthology "Doctor Who in Exciting Adventures with Jumping On Things." 8 months ago

Early script drafts of #TheWitchsFamiliar granted partial writing credit to "the inventor of the 💩 emoji." #DoctorWho 8 months ago

Colony Sarff's snakes constantly argue over whose turn it is to be the one with a humanoid nose sticking out of its backside. #DoctorWho 8 months ago

Leaked #DoctorWho production material reveals plans for the Doctor's hairstyle. 8 months ago

Twitter Media

Missy keeps an assortment of self-adhesive moustaches and beards aboard her TARDIS for old times' sake. #DoctorWho 9 months ago

After "Classic Doctors, New Monsters" @bigfinish will do audios pitting modern-era Doctors against Michael Grade, Mary Whitehouse, & ITV. 11 months ago

The Doctor sadly insists that the destruction of @MESSENGER2011 is a fixed point in oh who are we kidding, he's already saved it. #DoctorWho 1 year ago

"Doom Coalition" is @bigfinish's third choice of title for their "Dark Eyes" followup; "Pouty Lips" and "Runny Nose" didn't test as well. 1 year ago

Richard Hurndall was the only one who'd ever calculated Pi correctly, but he never told a soul. We're all still getting it wrong. #DoctorWho 1 year ago

The TARDIS library is a well-organised and utterly peaceful place, even considering the occasional banana peels scattered among the stacks. 1 year ago

The marketing expert who named Petrichor perfume was fired after executives realised they'd been calling their own product "wet dust smell." 1 year ago

.@RichardsonBF has no plans to depict Lalla Ward's Romana regenerating into @julietlandau's, as "her cheekbones alone would take up a disc." 1 year ago

Fans are divided following Peter Davison's comment that the Doctor should never be played by a Ghostbuster. #DoctorWho 1 year ago

As 2015 approaches #DoctorWho fandom is coming to realise that the 2005 series premièred nearly a decade ago and, by the way, you are old. 1 year ago