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Doctor Who Facts! (also known as WHOFAX) is a popular comedy project I write and illustrate over on Twitter and Tumblr. It's a feed of satirical comedy "facts" about Doctor Who, my longtime favorite scifi TV franchise, and its cast, crew, history, culture, fandom and more. Nothing and no one in the Whoniverse is safe from being lied about by WHOFAX!

It started back in 2010 as a little Twitter joke I shared with a few friends in fandom, and I focused mainly on cracking them up. Pretty soon, it began to get noticed and followed by others. It gathered momentum and eventually became well-known among online fans, with mentions in forums, fan media, and even the official Doctor Who Magazine. It's gotten kudos from fans, journalists, and even Doctor Who cast and crew members who've been wonderfully good sports about it.

Nowadays it's got over 21,000 readers, hundreds of retweets, reblogs, and shares, it's gone from being solely text-based to illustrated, and it all just gets more fun to do the longer I do it.

Podcasters! Fanzine writers! I'd love to chat with you about this project sometime, please feel free to get in touch!

Here's a look at the most recent @WHOFAX tweets. For a differently-explorable look at the WHOFAX archives, check out the WHOFAX Tumblr where everything is tagged and categorized.

Big Finish's "John Nathan-Turner Memoirs: Unbound" depicts JNT working at jobs he'd have gotten had the BBC let him leave #DoctorWho in '83. 7 hours ago
Most #DoctorWho comics illustrators have developed deep, unhealthy levels of personal hatred toward the inventor of the pinstripe. 3 days ago
#DoctorWho comic strips in @DWMTweets are printed fractally; focusing on a single spot with a microscope will still reveal the entire story. 3 days ago
Fans are divided on Big Finish's requirement that the final line spoken in every #DoctorWho play be "now that's what I call a Big Finish!" 3 days ago
When cast pose for #DoctorWho New Series Adventures cover photos, the only direction photographers are allowed to give is "dull surprise." 3 days ago
The BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures featured the Doctor's girlfriend, daughter, Time War destroying Gallifrey, and other stuff too nuts for TV. 3 days ago
BBC Books' #DoctorWho Past Doctor Adventures featured extensive spinoffs centred on characters who'd once walked past the Doctor on-screen. 3 days ago
The term "#DoctorWho Missing Adventures" refers to when the Doctor lands in a chaotic war zone, peeks outside, shakes his head, and leaves. 3 days ago
Original Virgin NA copies are "Old New Adventures." Reprints: "New Old New Adventures." New releases in NA continuity: "New New Adventures." 3 days ago
Target #DoctorWho novelisations were based on interviews with Samuel, age nine, who mostly sort-of remembered what had happened on telly. 3 days ago
The original line of #DoctorWho annuals were illustrated by covering William Hartnell's face with ink, then slapping him with a drawing pad. 3 days ago
The 1960s #DoctorWho films were an experiment exploring how bright and loud you could physically make a film before the cameras melted. 3 days ago
The term "Classic Who" wasn't retroactively applied to the original #DoctorWho TV run; cast & crew actually called it that whilst making it. 3 days ago
.@Jamti misheard the complaint "Lord, make the trains run on time" as "make the Time Lord run on trains." Yesterday's episode is the result. 2 months ago
"Kill The Moon" by Peter Harness was a late replacement for "Harness the Moon," a commissioned script by Peter Kill which didn't work out. 2 months ago
Microsoft didn't really go directly from Windows 8 to WIndows 10, it's just that Windows 9 was played by Richard E. Grant and non-canonical. 2 months ago
Eager to match @XanderArmstrong's two #DoctorWho guest roles, @ActualBenMiller is auditioning to voice a bored microwave oven in Series 9. 3 months ago
TOP TIP: Turn any episode of #DoctorWhoExtra into a #DoctorWhoConfidential by splicing in half an hour of cast & crew praising one another. 3 months ago
The #RobotOfSherwood scene which contained a photo of Patrick Troughton has been accidentally deleted from the BBC archives. #DoctorWho 3 months ago
#IntoTheDalek was inspired by @philfordesq getting a toy Dalek jammed into his eye & realising "hey, this'd be cooler the other way round." 3 months ago