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Hello. You have reached the website of Rob, from the Internet.

Rob is not in the Internet at the moment. While Rob is away from the Internet, please use the menu to your right to gain answers to such questions as:

Hey, everyone! How would you like to commission a portrait painting from me?

It's been a while since I'd opened up painting commissions but I've reopened a limited amount to support WBAI, the home of the radio show Off the Hook of which I am part. So, click here to make a donation to WBAI in exchange for me painting you, or someone else!

To give you an idea of how I might paint you, here are some portraits I've painted in the past:

Have a look at more of my visual portfolio here.

Some things with which I'm currently involved:

Off the Hook

Off the Hook - A long-running hacker radio show and podcast

HOPE 11 clock

Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) - A biennial hacker conference