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Hackers On Planet Earth

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Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) is a biennial hacker conference in New York City, organized by many people involved with 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.

I have been attending and volunteering since HOPE2K in 2000, and have presented panels since The Fifth HOPE in 2004. Beginning with The Last HOPE in 2008, I joined HOPE's core staff. I also contribute art and design work, and I began serving as an on-stage coordinator and emcee beginning with HOPE Number Nine in 2012.

The most recent HOPE was HOPE 2020, which took place virtually July 25-August 2, 2020. Our most recent in-person conference, The Circle of HOPE, took place July 20-22, 2018 in Manhattan, and after an all-virtual event in 2020 we are now preparing for a return to in-person HOPE this Summer. More information about HOPEs past, present, and future can be found at the event's Wikipedia entry and the official HOPE site.

Some of my HOPE artwork: