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Visual Art

I draw, paint, sculpt, and build. I also produce digital art of various flavors.

Here is a limited selection of my work. Click any image for more info and a high-res download.

Physical Paintings

Historical Telephones (2015-2017)

This is a set of paintings I'm currently doing of telephones of particular historical interest. Click any image for a better look, and more info on what phone it is and why it's of historical interest...

Acrylic on canvas, 5x7"
Current status: in progress; produced paintings in private collections, with a limited amount of future claimed paintings in production.

Luminaries of the Hacker World (September 2015)

This is a set of portraits I painted of some notable, well-known, and lesser-known hacker luminaries. Some were individuals I chose to focus on, some were suggestions by friends, and all exemplify elements of the hacker world as we know it today. Click any for a better look, and a short bio.

Acrylic on canvas, 5x7"
Current status: in private collections

Old Computers (December 2012)

This is a set of ten paintings I made of various old, notable computers.

Acrylic on canvas, 8x10"
Current status: in private collections

Physical Drawings

Digital Paintings and Illustrations

One neat little project I've recently started over on Twitter is @RobDrawsYourPic, where I do digital drawings, paintings, and doodles based on random Twitter users' pics. Check out the five most recent below.

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Hackers On Planet Earth

I do artwork for the biennial HOPE conference.

Miscellaneous Designs

Sculptures, props, and other builds


More info and galleries to be added. Until then, there's a very small selection of my artwork viewable on my art blog and occasionally Etsy, and videos on YouTube.

3D design

I've a limited selection of downloadable 3D files on display at my Thingiverse page, and pro-grade prints of some in plastic and metal are available in my Shapeways shop.

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