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This is a payphone; don't ask
In addition to my main blog on this site (complete with RSS feed), I have presences on some external social networks and other services.

  • Twitter - A chatroom with everyone in it.
    Other Twitter accounts I work on sometimes:
  • Mastodon - The open, decentralized alternative to Twitter which hopefully will push fewer nazis down my throat. (Not on Mastodon yet, but interested? Here's all you need to know to get started.)
  • Art blog on Tumblr - I post creative works of mine in various media here, often before posting it anywhere else.
  • Google Plus - That thing that is stubbornly going to keep being a thing until people damn well start using it.
  • YouTube and Vimeo - Moving pictures with sound!
  • SoundCloud - Videos without the distracting imagery!
  • Reddit - Posts, comments, votes, and drama about things.
  • Thingiverse - Playing around in three dimensions.
  • Etsy - I occasionally sell my own artwork and buy other people's. Here's what I'm offering over there just now.
  • eBay - I sell off my old junk, and buy new old junk to replace it.
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo - Crowdfunding the world's dreams.
  • Wikipedia - A collective exercise in informative mutability.
  • Steam - I'm a non-social gamer who is offended by DRM, so here's my profile on a social-gaming and DRM platform.
  • GOG - Here's my profile on a non-DRM-encumbered gaming platform, though I'm still really antisocial on it.
  • IMDb - Oh look, I exist in the industry.
  • I do not have a Facebook account. Any me you find over there is faking it, and that would be sad.

Because of the high volume of spam requests I get, if you'd like to add me on one of the networks which require me to somehow accept or confirm the add (and I might not recognize your username from real life) please send me an email as well so I know you're not a spambot or a total stranger.