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This is a payphone; don't ask
In addition to my little-used blog on this site (complete with dusty RSS feed), I have presences on some external social networks and other services.

  • Mastodon - Mastodon is the free, open, and decentralized social network of the FUTURE!
    Not on Mastodon yet, but interested? Here's all you need to know to get started.
  • Twitter - A flawed and dying chatroom being run into the ground by a spoiled rich kid. This site was my daily social-media driver for a long time, but it gets worse there every day and I no longer actively engage with the platform.
  • YouTube and Vimeo - Moving pictures with sound!
  • SoundCloud - Videos without the distracting imagery!
  • Reddit - Posts, comments, votes, and drama about whatever.
  • Discord - It's IRC with a coat of trendy paint. Find me with the username Rob T Firefly#6984 if you're using the mobile app.
  • Twitch - I've been known to randomly stream some sort of art thing once in a blue moon.
  • TikTok - This app is actively resisting my attempts to enjoy it.
  • Steam - I'm an anti-DRM activist who doesn't do online gaming, so here's my massively-hypocritical presence on an online-gaming DRM service.
  • I do not use Facebook or other Meta products.

If you'd like to just email me instead, you are welcome to do so here. I love email.