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Aisle Six – Your One-Stop Supermusical

Join the melodious if maladaptive inhabitants of the Super Duper Store, your favorite supermarket, for an adventure involving plague, paranoia, bendy straws, death in the produce section, an evil puppet, and, of course, true love.

cast in rehearsal
Aisle Six is a theatrical production by Nicola Rose McEldowney. The show is a darkly comic musical about a cursed supermarket, which as Nicola observantly notes is exactly ONE more musical about a cursed supermarket than your so-called musical theatre geniuses such as Gilbert and Sullivan ever thought of.

My co-star and I.
I was an actor in the show's early reading and public preview stages. I was excited to find myself among the show's cast of hopelessly downtrodden, manically optimistic, delightfully malicious, cautiously superheroic, randomly violent, unhealthily lovable, and unabashedly musical characters. I played a character who was so downtrodden and depressed that he could only speak through his puppet, that is until the puppet developed its own feelings about the situation. At one point I had a duet with myself, what a trip this show was!

My last public reading of this show happened April 11, 2011 at New York City's distinguished Players Club, and it went wonderfully.

Aisle Six went on to fully-staged productions with new casts at multiple Fringe festivals. I am happy and proud to have been part of its gestation!

For further information on Aisle Six, contact the creator via her own site.

Photos by Christin