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The Media Show

The Media Show with Weena and Erna was a media literacy-focused Internet and cable TV show which focused on demystifying the media environment, technological issues, and Internet culture via snarky puppetry backed by scientifically-accurate and meticulously-researched shenanigans.

The Media Show originated at the educational video project AfterEd. After a long and successful run at AfterEd the series continued to be produced independently, largely thanks to a devoted following and crowdfunded support. It was shown theatrically as part of the tenth annual Media That Matters festival, where it brought home the Fair Use Award, and several episodes were produced at and broadcast on New York TV station MNN.

Hanging out with my puppet friends, Erna and Weena.
During my six years with the show I contributed scriptwriting, artwork, design, production, and puppet and prop fabrication as well as camera and sound work, storyboards, research, and editing. On-screen I was an occasional puppeteer performing various supporting characters, including the semi-regular "Monster of the Week," and popped up puppetless for a few human roles. I also designed, maintained, and wrote for the show's website and contributed to its social media presences, and worked on its three successful crowdfunding campaigns.