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I write things! Here is a random and limited selection.


Some examples of projects where I write pro-grade copy include:

Creative stuff

  • The Media Show - Among other duties before and behind the scenes of this show, I am a contributing scriptwriter. My first complete script was the TV Tropes episode.
  • WHATTHEHELLAREYOUWAITINFO? - In 2005 I tried my hand at writing a wholly original humor zine. Three issues were published, and I'm still rather proud of them.
    Please note the original website is no longer online. That link goes to the Internet Archive's mirror of it.
  • - This site, a guide to a local social event, is a collaborative work between myself and my best friend and frequent collaborator Grey. Together we built the site, and write its various guides and notices.
  • Miss Liberty and My Family - I wrote this when I was eight years old, and won a US Savings Bond with it in a newspaper contest. And now it's on my website, in my writing portfolio. How's that for revisiting past triumphs?

Hacker things
Notes from the computer underground.

Fannish things
Exercises in creative fanaticism.

More to be added

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