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I write things! Here is a random and limited selection.


  • Modern Technology Knows Your Name - A documentary podcast I write and produce about the phenomenon of self-chosen names, the events which lead to choosing them, and the meanings behind them.
  • The Media Show - Among other duties before and behind the scenes of this show, an educational series about the media environment, I was a researcher and scriptwriter. I also wrote copy for its official website and social media.
  • - I write the copy and various guides and notices for the main website for a long-running social gathering.
  • Book review: Exploding the Phone - I reviewed this book for the Spring 2013 issue of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.
  • Phone Losers of America: The Book by Brad Carter - Foreword by me.
  • Off the Hook - While not "written" as such, as it's a live-discussion talk-radio program, I do conduct research and prepare material for discussion on the show and prepare questions for interviewees. I am also part of the team wrangling and writing for the show's Twitter account.


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