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I've been involved with a few audio-based projects, my own and others'. Here are some of them.

Radio & Podcasting
I'm a regular presence on terrestrial and extraterrestrial Internet radio.

  • The Modern Technology Podcast Network - My very own podcast network, on which I'm producing a variety of audio content including sketch comedy, pop-culture geekery, interviews, audiobooks, and other downloadable and streamable rants and raves.
    Modern Technology podcasts include:
  • Off the Hook - A long-running weekly talk-radio program broadcast over the air and online at 99.5FM WBAI Pacifica Radio, headed up by Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600: the Hacker Quarterly. I've been a fan of the program since the 1990s, and it was a privilege to join as a regular panelist in 2008.
  • Guest appearances on others' programs include:
    • The Vaguebooking Podcast - In 2021 I was invited to speak with Vaguebooking for Episode 34 to discuss hacker and phreak history, and my own experiences in the community.
    • Steal This Show - In July 2017 my esteemed Off the Hook colleague volt4ire and I were invited to join host Jamie King for S03E05, "Hacking the System" to give a hacker perspective on several news stories relevant to the TorrentFreak community.
    • - I was interviewed by Jeremiah of Earthdriver for their November 17, 2013 podcast. Jeremiah and I spoke about the hacker world, how I got my start in it, the HOPE conference, Off the Hook, and more.
    • Occupy Wall Street Radio - A radio show on WBAI involving members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. My then-colleague from Off the Hook dot.ret and I were guests on the January 18, 2012 episode to discuss SOPA/PIPA and the issues involved.
    • The Swimcast - The Swimcast began as the premier podcast covering the world of Adult Swim, and related and unrelated pop-culture-centric subjects. I was an invited guest on episode 14, the Sealab 2021 retrospective, in my capacity as Sealab 2021 historian and former fansite proprietor.
      This appearance would later earn me a Swimmie award from the podcast's crew, which you can hear me tearfully accepting in episode 59. The following year I was asked back for a brief cameo in episode 116 to present that award to my successor.
    • Kickin it with The Queen - A late-night spirituality-focused talk show on Off the Top Radio, WGBB 1240AM. I was an invited guest on July 11, 2009 and January 24, 2010.

I dabble in singing, producing, and remixing.

  • Space Mutiny - This site has some of the mixes, mashups, and other random audio-based tomfoolery I used to make regularly, some of it credited as "DJ Luciernaga."
    A limited amount of the site's former content is currently available. Plans to restore the site are currently underway.
  • Phone Losers of America songs - I recorded and sang the tracks "Bell Odyssey" and "Guilty Deter" for my phone-pranking PLA pals.
  • Yatta!!! - I covered the well-known Japanese Internet meme song Yatta! My version was in English, and was done as a solo multitrack a capella. There's an MP3 as well as a music video available.
  • Tom's Diner - My take on Suzanne Vega's doo-doo-doo-doo (etc.) song.
  • Aisle Six - A theatrical musical in the early stages of which I had a role or two. At one point I performed a duet with myself... it's complicated.
  • "Synthetic Seas" by HYQXYZ - I performed the spoken-word sample in this dubsteppy drum-n-bass track by Belgian musician HYQXYZ.

Voice performing

  • I do a certain amount of voice-acting, narration, singing, and other such work. Check all that out on my performance resume.

Some of my audio output gets posted to my Tumblr and/or SoundCloud, for those of you into that sort of action.

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