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I enjoy acting, puppeteering, and other types of public performance.

Voice performance

  • The Modern Technology Podcast Network - I voice (and write and produce) multiple podcasts on my own podcast network. The flagship sketch-comedy program, Modern Technology Breaks, features a wide range of my character voices.
  • Callie & Izzy - I provided voiceovers throughout the series as well as running sound on location, and served as the show's narrator in Season Two.
  • I voiced the narrating character in a stick-figure animation of a short horror story from the annals of /r/nosleep.
  • Heavily-treated samples of my voice appear in the drum & bass track "Synthetic Seas" by Belgian cyberpunk musician HYQXYZ.
  • I voice a main character and some others in a cartoon series made for anti-smoking curriculum Tobacco 101.
  • The Media Show - In addition to being puppeteered by me, the series regular "Monster of the Week" and many one-shot guest characters were voiced by me over the six years I was part of the project. I also sang "What's it Like to Be a Hacker?", one of the show's original songs.
  • Aisle Six - A theatrical musical in the early stages of which I, at a certain point, had a pair of speaking/singing roles at the same time.
  • A selection of my other voice work appears on my Soundcloud.
  • For radio, podcasting, and other audio-based work I do outside of acting, check out my audio portfolio.

Puppetry and such

  • The Media Show - Puppets rage against the media machine on Internet TV. In addition to writing, crafting, and other duties behind the camera during my six years with the program, I performed as the recurring "Monster of the Week" as well as a rotating cast of disposable interns and other characters, puppet and human.
  • Aisle Six - A theatrical musical in the early stages of which I had a dual role as a repressed grocery store worker and his independently-aware hand puppet. At one point I performed a duet with myself... it's complicated.
  • I also do puppet-crafting and construction; for more info on that check out my visual art page.

Live performance

  • Standup comedy - I've been popping into the standup world now and then. Most frequently I was seen at Say Everything, a unique form of standup showcase in Manhattan. You can hear audio of some of my standup sets on my Soundcloud.
  • Emceeing - I've found myself in some demand as an event host and emcee. I've done so at the HOPE conference since 2012, and at other events such as New York City Pagan Pride Day.
  • Nightmare: New York - I was a performer at New York City's longest-running, most elaborate, and most hardcore theatrical haunted house. In the 2014 house I played the Son of Sam, a blackout thug, and other supporting roles.
  • Street theatre - Once in a blue moon in the mid-2000s, I was seen running around Central Park, Union Square, and other NYC landmarks as a particular type of clown. Perhaps I'll pick up the horn again someday.
  • Improv - Having wanted to round out my performing skills in the direction of improv for ages, I studied and performed at the celebrated New York City comedy theatre The Pit.

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